The Functions of Emotion in Controlling Human’s Mind

Mind as a powerful tool for humans given by Allah SWT is related with cognition that they useto know, to understand to decide, to construct opinion or to share perception with the other people. Humans use their mind to know means that they put new knowledge in their mind by memorizing. For example the students memorize vocabularies. They just want to know without considering using it in daily conversation. Humans use their mind to understand means that they can know the function of what they have known and memorized. For example, the students can understand when vocabularies are used. Humans use their mind to decide means that they can be able to choose the best choice in their life. Whether they must continue their study or marry, whether they must finished the assignment soon or late, whether they must came to the class or miss it, and there are many other choices in this world that make the human use their mind to think. Beside, human can use their mind to construct opinion and share perception with the other people. As social human beings, they will meet with many people. They need each other. For example in the class, a couple of students talk about their future, they can construct opinion about their topic, and they can share their perception about the best planning for their future.

In conjunction with those functions of mind above, heart as another adorable tool God has given is to control human’s feeling and emotion. The injured heart tends to think negative things. For example a person is having a bad relationship with his best friend. He will reveal a negative aura like sullen, sad, angry, etc. While the heart that feels the happiness will show a cheerful face. For example someone who gets a new job, he will smile all day.Humans use their heart to consider good or bad attitude in life. For example a student who wants to cheat in the class, using their heart she will feel that her habit is bad. They put heart as a window that will bring everybody in success life in this world and here after. Heart is pushed human beings to show their action. Heart determines whether positive or negatives someone’s attitude. Both of them, mind with cognition and heart with Emotion, cannot be separated each other. They must work one another to reach what we want in life like happiness, safety, peace and the other kinds of positive impact in our life. Cognition and emotion are like a chain that is bunched or they like a padlock and the key. They guide, in short, each other in order the one will not astray and the other will not be paralyzed.

Thus, to make both of terms balance in our social life, we need a term called emotional intelligence, which is integration between emotion and cognition. As a new concept, emotional intelligence has been a hit: it has been the subject of several books, including a best seller like written by Daniel Goleman with title KecerdasanEmosi, and myriad talk show discussions like conduct in The New Horizon Schoolby renowned educationalist and author ShahnazBahman(dt news, 2017)and seminars for schools and organization like some Trainings at Yale about emotional intelligence(Ruler, 2017). Despite its high public profile, emotional intelligence has attracted considerable scientific criticism. Some of controversy arises from the fact that popular and scientific definitions of emotional intelligence differ sharply.

To achieve the purpose of this writing, the writer will explain some terms dealing with the integration of emotion and cognition, namely (1) what emotion is; (2) what emotional Intelligence; (2) what the role of emotional intelligence in social life.

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