Teacher Talk in English Classroom Interaction

Since English becomes an International Language, it is important to learn and to teach. Teaching English has developed dramatically in the recent year because of the globalization impact. As an international language, it has important role in the world. Most people use English to communicate among people with different background of language from many part of the world, as a mean to gain knowledge, information, science, technologies and other (Pratama, 2015). Many people race to master this language because in all of life aspects, it has become a requirement to obtain many things like going abroad, continuing study, even looking for a job where this era there are many company that asked English as the requirements. Thus, it is not wonder, if there are many people use this opportunity to build some course institutes that give chance for many people like students, employees, or jobless to learn English.

Every course institute sets some rules in order the goal to master English by the students can be reached. One of them is the teachers’ professionalism. It means that the teacher does not only master the materials but also all of classroom aspects must be set well in teaching process, one of them is interaction between the teacher and students in the classroom (Pratama, 2015). Based on Cambridge Dictionary (2017) interaction is an occasion when two or more people or things communicate with or react to each other.In the class, the people who conducted interaction are the teachers and students. They have their own role in constructing the lively learning process weather verbally or no verbally. The verbal way that they can use to interact each other by talking each other. It has been known from Vygotsky’s suggestion in(ASCD, 2008) that thinking develops into words in a number of phases, moving from imaging to inner speech to inner speaking to speech. Tracing this idea backward, speeches—talk—is the representation of thinking.So, both teachers and students must create talk in the class to explore their thinking what we called as classroom interaction.

However, the figure that has big role in creating the interaction in the class is prominent must be conducted by the teacher. The teachers focus to build the good interaction in order to fulfill the needs of their individual students. They should not only focus on material achievement when teaching, they should also be able to treat the student individuals by the language used or “Teacher Talk”. Thereby they can encourage and motivate their students to accomplish their proficiency in all skills of English such as reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Teacher talk is an indispensable part of foreign language teaching in organizing activities, and the way teachers talk not only determines how well they make their lectures, but also guarantees how well students will learn (Yanfen & Yuqin, 2010). Weddel in Fikri, Dewi, and Suarnajaya (2014) reveals that the language that teachers use in class, or “teacher talk,” can have a tremendous impact on the success of interactions they have with students. The kind of language used by the teacher for instruction in the classroom is known as teacher talk (yan, 2006). While Nunan in Lasantu (2012) argued that teacher talk has crucial importance not only for the organization of the classroom but also for the processes of the acquisition. Based on the definition above, it can be concluded that teacher talk is the language that the teacher use in the classroom to build interaction with the students. It is a vital aspect of classroom based language teaching and learning since it is one of the main resources of language input for the learners. It is magical thing. It can probably change everything in the classroom. While the students, they also opportunity to explore their idea through interaction. Because basically, teaching process actually gives a chance for learners to ask, to guess, to think and even to discuss the course material in order to make an interaction between students(Pratama, 2015). Classes where students have opportunities to communicate with each other help students effectively construct their knowledge (Teach to Earth). In this case the teachers who convey talks must be able stimulate the students to conveys their idea whether in written or spoken form.

Talks that the teacher conducts to the students can create a deep communication between them weather in verbal or nonverbal way. Unfortunately, the interactions in the language classroom seem difficult to use the target language all the time, especially in learning process that is conducted in English Zone Course because it has set role that the students must speak English in course institute environment, in the class or the outside. But the students, especially children and teenagers still cannot implement the role well. They still always use Bahasa when they speak with the teacher or their friends. Based on elaboration above, the researcher will observe the students of teenagers’ levels. It has been know that, teenagers have their own word in studying. Sometimes they are playing, making gossip, paly headphone in the class, or imagining uncertain thing. So the researcher will observe the magical of teacher talk that can result the students respond in classroom interaction at teenagers level in English Zone. For complete paper you can download here

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