Preparing an Effective Essay Questions

Evaluation is one of the ways through which feedback can be obtained from the learners onwhat their teachers had taught them(Foyewa, 2015). By evaluating the students, the teacher can measure what the students have gained after learning a certain topic. Students’ evaluation should be based on the objectives of teaching earlier set before the commencement of teaching. Desheng and Vargbese in (Foyewa, 2015) defined evaluation as the comparison of actual (project) impacts against the agreed strategic plans. According to them,evaluation looks at the original objectives, at what was accomplished, and how it wasaccomplished. On of evaluation type is test. Test may be designed chiefly as a device to reinforce learning and to motivate learners or as a means assessing the learners’ performance in the language they are learning (Jabu, 2008). Tests can be objective or subjective.Objective test are those that must be scored by detailed analysis and repetitive scoring process, whereas the answers to subjective test are subject to the examiners opinion on the correctness of the response (Rooff-Steffen, Shmaefsky, & Griffith, 2014).

In this paper, the writer just will discuss about subjective test.Subjective tests may come in form of essay letter writing. All forms oftests and examinations that take more time to write and grade fall into this category. Besides, Subjective tests are so called because their scoring depends on personal judgments or opinions.

On the other hand, the techniques used in subjective tests include: essay writing, composition writing, letter writing, reading aloud, and completion type and answer these – questions, in subjective test the examiner needs to write few questions without answer. It are used to test ideas, culture, coherence and creativity. This kind of test doesn't encourage guessing easy to write, difficult to score and suit for a small number of tester. This type of test can't be scored by a machine. It can be used to evaluate overall achievements. Subjective test depends on student's experience. It is invalid test and student's need a long time to answer than objective test (Shaban, Without year) One of types of subjective test is essay test. In an essay test, testees mist think of what to say and then express their ideas as well as possible (Jabu, 2008).Educators choose essay questions over other forms of assessment because essayitems challenge students to create a response rather than to simply select a response. Someeducators use them because essays have the potential to reveal students' abilities to reason,create, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate (Reiner, Bothell, Sudweeks, & Wood, 2002). In more understanding about Essay test as a type of Subjective test, this paper will discuss some terms that related, for complete information, You can download here 

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