Phonology, Phonemes, and Phonetic

Phonology is a part of the structural linguistics.Phonology is a science that studies the sounds patterns of that language.Learning phonology is concerned with the linguistic knowledge.This kind of knowledge tells us why the particular utterances are the same and other are the other word,phonology seeks to discem the sounds made in all human languages.Knowing english phonology permits a speaker to pronounce all phonemically differen sounds of english.Phonology knowledge also permits the speaker to produce sounds which from meaningful utterances,to recognize a foreign accent,to make up new words,to produce aspirated and unaspirated sounds,voiceless stops in the appropriate context,to know what is or is not a sounds in one’s language and to know the different phonetic string may represent the same meaningful unit.Phonemes are units of sounds in language that convey meaning. while Phonetics is a discipline of linguistics that focuses on the study of the sounds used in is not concerned with the meaning of these sounds,the order in which they are placed,or any other factor outside of how they are produced and heard,and their various properties. The sounds that the speakers produce when they speak are called phones.When the phones distinguish the meanings of the words,they are called phonemes,but when they do not make distinctive meanings,they are called allophones.Allophones are actually the variants of phones,such as aspirated and unaspirated sounds. For more information, You can download here

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