How to Adapt the Materials

Learning is normally considered to be a conscious process which consistsof the committing to memory of information relevant to what is being learned(Tomlinson, 2011). In learning there must be learning materials. They occupy the important position in education. They have a big role in learning process because without them, there will not be learning and teaching process. It can help the educators, practitioner, or teacher to deliver their knowledge to their learners. Good or bad learning materials will give impact to the learners’ motivation to learns and also give big effect to their achievement. Thus, the users must choose the best material in order to gain the objectives of the learning process including in learning language.

To achieve the aims of the learning process, the teacher, lecturer or practitioner must know about curriculum material development in order they can develop material in their carrier as educators. Curriculum is a pathway through which students travel during a course of study and as a formal plan of educational experiences and activities offered to a learner under the guidance of an Educational Institution and not a “Time Table”(Vijayaraghavan, without year).

Curriculum material development is a process that is orderly, logical, cohesive constructing of knowledge and experience and the ultimate aim of curriculum material development should be emotional and spiritual maturity of students and academic excellence. Given the essential role of curriculum in enabling quality learning and in articulating and supporting education that is relevant to holistic development (Stabback, 2016). By understanding the curriculum material development, the teacher will be easier to conduct some terms that related with the material development like adaptation or evaluation. Thus to achieve the purpose of this writing, the writers will explain some terms dealing with the material adaptations namely: 1. Field of Study 2. Practical Undertaking. For complete paper, you can download here

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