Analyzing the Implementation of 2013 Curriculum Dealing with the Students’ Character Development

One of the important items that affect to develop the students’ potential process in our country is curriculum which will be a hint or criterion for education practitioner. As we know that in our country there is a change from KTSP to 2013 curriculum. The 2013 Curriculum is a new curriculum started to be implemented officially since 2013/2014 academic year. The 2013 curriculum which is assumed to be able to solve problems in Indonesia and to face the development era reaps controversy from many sides in fact. There are some people whether teachers, students, or student’s parents disagree about it either before or after the implementation whereas the 2013 Curriculum emphasizes more on soft skills and hard skills balance that consisting of affective, psychomotor, and cognitive aspects(Fadlillah, 2014). For instance,Kusumah (2013) is a teacher who is brave to reject the application of 2013 Curriculum. He said that the new curriculum cannot solve the education problem in our country. The main point that must be improved is the teacher qualification,not curriculum.

Even though, the curriculum is changed, it will not give effect to the education in Indonesia, because the applicator of the curriculum is not change. The other opinion fromNoing (2012)she is a student’s parent who disagrees with 2013 curriculum that eliminated some important subject in Elementary schoollike IPA, IPS, English, and Computer (TIK). Besides, the books are used in 2013 curriculum is too thick that make her child is difficult to bring it.Rahel (2014) also gives opinion about 2013 curriculum. As a student, she disagrees with the application of 2013 curriculum that emphasize the students to find out the knowledge by their self is difficult for her, because she thinks that every single student has different cognitive ability, thus the learning process will not be maximal. Besides, in her point of view 2013 curriculum have many subjects that must be mastered by the students whereas in final Examination only some of them will be tested. Not only Rahel,Nadia the student of Junior High School in Makassar said that she could not understand the material which was learnt well because she did not get enough explanation from her teacher(Kurniawan, 2014). The other source, throughout the television that I had watched a year ago after final examinations in Elementary school, Junior high school and Senior high school, there were many students’ parents complained about the result of 2013 curriculum. They said that their children got low score after applying 2013 curriculum, because the lesson became more difficult than before. It means that, the 2013 Curriculum did not reach significant progress in some schools based on students’ parents’ perceptions.

That case indicates that 2013 curriculum hold big role to decrease students’ score. The 2013 curriculum not only assumed as a bad or negative curriculum by some people perspective. There are some people who agree about the application of 2013 Curriculum. Ida, a teacher of elementary school in Jepara said that the 2013 curriculum is good to make the students creativity and to practice their braveness. The students’ attitude is also prioritized. So, the teachers have to observe their students(Kurniawan, 2014). Harahap (2014) alsosaid that there is some students’ parents who agree with 2013 curriculum, because when the 2013 curriculum is applied their children more active.Yahya (2014) also agree about 2013 curriculum. She thinks that the government has chosen the best choice by changing the curriculum, because the change of curriculum is the right of Education ministry to change the curriculum every five years. She adds that the purpose of the change of curriculum is to gain the national goals, namely establish the Students’ honest character, because this new curriculum obvious emphasizes in character building. If it is looked at in the field, it cannot be denied that the character is the crucial problem that faced by the Indonesian. Viewing the value of the students day by day is daunting, not only for the parents but also for the teacher.

Thus, the application of 2013 curriculum is one of the best steps by the government to repair the generations’ character. There are some schools that have applied this curriculum since 2014. One of them is MTsN Model Makassar that is still loyal to apply it until now. This school is known as one of high level school in Makassar and it will be wished to give problem solving that will be found by the researcher. Even though this school has religion background but we cannot denied that all the students there can show the best character especially in English class. Based on some cases reason above, the researcher tries to find out the real answer from the problem that appears from many people perceptions especially that related with the students’ character development. So, the researcher concludes a title for research “Analyzing the implementation of 2013 Curriculum dealing with the Students’ Character Development at MTsN Model Makassar”

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